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Our home Grass valley, CA

Banner Mtn. from Loma Rica Ranch

Pyrolites Firestarters is a small Company located in Grass Valley, CA in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our Company started as an idea in 1994 as a part-time way for our children to make some money for going to college and learning a little about business. We called our firestarters "Pyrolites Firestarters" and were able to sell them in one local lumberyard and at the local Cornish Christmas celebration in Grass Valley. We had some fun but the demands of a full time construction business and the changing interest of growing children the Pyrolites business was put on the back burner as a good idea though we continued to make Pyrolites for our own personal use and to give as gifts to friends and family...




Pyrolites wood box and Pyrolites firestarters ready to go.

Owners Ken and Carol on day hike near Sierra City, CA


Well fast forward to the recession 2008, 09, 10..., the construction business  had now fallen asleep and Pyrolites Firestarters have been just waiting on the back burner. Our children are grown and  now involved with their own individual pursuits. I  looked at this time as the end of a career or the beginning of a new opportunity. We’llllll, with all this time to develop new methods to make Pyrolites production, safer, faster and more practical we got the business up and running. We now have an engaging, see through package that allows our customers see what they are getting with out the guesswork. We produced the “breakaway stick “to make production safer and more economical. We have been fortunate to have the support of many retail businesses that have given Pyrolites Firestarters the opportunity to prove themselves on their stores shelves. We now have  this website;, where customers may purchase Pyrolites products online.

Pyrolites manufacturing is still a labor intensive process but as the word gets out on how well Pyrolites work with that age old hassle of building a fire we see room for continued innovation and much future growth.

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