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Pyrolites Firestarters is a small Company located in Grass Valley, CA in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our Company started as an idea in 1994


Pyrolites Firestarters eliminates the need for paper and kindling, convenient and easy to use, odorless storage, don't feel oily to the touch and no perfume odor! No dangerous liquids, slow burning flame when lit, lites even after being wet

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Pyrolites 42 Stick Package

This is the work horse package for that serious woodstove and fireplace user.  This package also makes a great gift for all your Cool friends.


20231128_124236 (2).jpg

Pyrolites 8/stick Handy Packs!

Perfect for that backpacking or camping trip, that day at the lake. Put  them in the trunk of the car or RV, that emergency kit.

Place one lite Pyrolite Firestarter  between three or more pieces of dry wood  and  get your fire going. Each Pyrolites stick will burn approximately 7 to 10 minutes.

         Pyrolites Firestarters are a high quality product for lighting your daily fire.  Pyrolites are made from wood fiber and high temperature paraffin wax (candle wax) that does not leave an oily feel on your hands after use.  Pyrolites are sized just right for successful ignition without being wasteful.  No special storage is required.  No obnoxious odors or liquids.  No messy newspaper or kindling!  Just a soft-burning flame that makes starting your fire trouble-free.  Just think of it  .  .  .  one 42 stick package will build as many as 42 fires!!! 


      Once you have used Pyrolites Firestarter to start your woodstove, fireplace, or campfire, you will always want to have them available.  We have made and used our Pyrolites for over 20 years and can’t imagine being without them.  Our daily routine of building a fire is stress-free because one Pyrolites Firestarter is often all it takes to get several large pieces of dry wood going with out the mess of paper or kindling.  We are talking about wood 4 to 6 inches (sometimes more) in diameter!!!  Of all the firestarters on the market, Pyrolites are the best... "When you just want to get your fire going!"

Sitting by a warm fire that was started with one Pyrolites breakaway firestarter
These are "cards" of Pyrolites breakaway sticks showing the cuts at the individual  sticks

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